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We are happy that you are considering entrusting us with the day care of your child. Here you will find all important information on the enrollment process.


Who can enroll?

Children of ETH affiliates (faculty, students, and staff) are preferentially admitted at KIKRI. If spaces are available, children of parents without an ETH affiliation can also be admitted.

How to apply

If you would like to get to know KIKRI and the admission process in person, you are invited to contact KIKRI’s office to arrange a visit.

To apply for admission, please complete the enrollment application.

If no spaces are available, you will be placed on the waitlist. Most spaces at KIKRI become available during the summer break, when the oldest children transition to kindergarten. Because of the large number of applications, it is helpful to apply as early as possible.

As soon as a space becomes available, KIKRI staff will contact you and will invite you for an orientation meeting. Before the final enrollment, KIKRI is required by law to obtain from you a proof of employment, to ascertain that your family is in need of child care to make parental employment possible.

Transitioning into KIKRI

In the transition phase into KIRKI, we lay the groundwork for a successful entry of your child into the child care center and for a relationship between KIKRI and children/parents that is based on mutual trust and respect. The transition schedule is individually matched to the needs and developmental stage of your child to ensure a gentle transition into the KIKRI environment. The transition phase usually takes 3-4 weeks. During this time, parents first accompany their child for a few hours to KIKRI. Subsequently, the time the child spends at KIKRI is gradually increased, and parents gradually retreat, while remaining available in or near KIKRI. The transition phase ends when the child accepts and trusts the caregiver.

Tuition and subsidies

KIKRI ETH Zentrum takes part in the subsidy program of the City of Zurich. It is also subsidized by ETH Zurich.

The City of Zurich subsidies depend on the income and wealth of the parents and are calculated according to the tuition rules.

Currently, tuition for non-subsidized full-time spaces (including meals) is CHF 120.00 per day. Tuition for half-day spaces (including morning snack and lunch) is CHF 84.00 per day. For infants (up to 18 months old), tuition is 50% higher because of the higher care taking demands. For families with an ETH affiliation, ETH will cover the additional costs of infant care.

More information about tuition and subsidies by the City of Zurich is available here:
Betreuungskosten & Subventionen der Stadt Zürich